We hope you like the artwork shown on these pages. We are striving to collect images to represent the entire body of work of Norman Gardner, a major undertaking. Thank you for visiting Norman Gardner’s sculpture gallery!

For Collectors: Nearly all of Gardner’s works are in the hands of private collectors but pieces become available from time to time.  Please inquire with one of Gardner’s representatives to learn whether a piece of his artwork may have recently been put on the market.  East Coast: Contact Wendy Gardner if you are interested in either selling or purchasing a sculpture, print, jewelry or other item. West Coast: Contact Valerie Gardner if you are on the west coast.

New Commissions: Norman Gardner’s last commissions were accepted through 2015.  Unfortunately, no new commissions are available at this time.

Please Note: If you have a piece of artwork created by Norman Gardner and it is not shown on these pages, please contact us.  We would appreciate getting a copy of an image of the piece.