Norman Gardner is able to work closely with a client to produce exactly the piece that the client desires.  Here are some photos of the Work-in-Process for the commissioned sculpture, Celebration, that Gardner created for the Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School in Palo Alto.  Here, Gardner presented a paper mock-up of the initial concept for the piece.  This model was sized at 1/3 scale of the full size final piece.


Once the 1/3 scale model was approved, Gardner built a full-scale model of Celebration in cardboard, that enabled him to begin to hone the full-sized balance and fabrication issues. The following images shows the full-scale model in the artist’s dining room.


After the school approved the full-scale model, fabrication of the pieces in stainless steel was commenced at a foundry that Gardner has worked with for years.  A foundry is required because stainless steel is extremely hard material to shaped.  Below are images taken during the process of fabrication of the individual pieces and the polishing process.







Once all of the separately constructed pieces are fabricated, joined and polished, the sculpture was set on a base and shipped to its destination in Palo Alto, Californiat.  Here Norman Gardner oversees the installation of the finished sculpture at the school and receives a dedication certificate of appreciation from the school, when the sculpture is unveiled.



Celebration is now viewable outside the entrance of the Hausner School in Palo Alto, at 450 San Antonio Road, near Middlefield. If you are interested in commission a new work from Norman Gardner, please contact us at:  Thank you!

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