October 25, 2021

Artist with a comic twist

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The Nivo Slider is a simple, easy-to-use image gallery with beautiful transitions. In Twish, it’s works directly with the WordPress gallery system — just pick your images and you’ve instantly got an attractive carousel. Use the integration with the page builder to make attractive layouts.


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Page Width


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Use Full Width Anywhere On The Page


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Column Layouts


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The civil Emperor, before the Mikado, the spiritual Emperor, absorbed his office in his own.  The Carnatic anchored at the quay near the custom-house, in the midst of a crowd of ships bearing the flags of all nations. Passepartout went timidly ashore on this so curious territory of the Sons of the Sun.  He had nothing better to do than, taking chance for his guide, to wander aimlessly through the streets of Yokohama.  He found himself at first in a thoroughly European quarter, the houses having low fronts, and being adorned with verandas, beneath which he caught glimpses of neat peristyles.  This quarter occupied, with its streets, squares, docks, and warehouses, all the space between the “promontory of the Treaty” and the river.  Here, as at Hong Kong and Calcutta, were mixed crowds of all races


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Features & Customization


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  • Directly integrated with the WordPress gallery system
  • Create an unlimited number on any given page

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  • Drag and drop to create different layouts with the Page Builder integration
  • Automatically resizes to fit whatever container/column it’s put in

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