November 27, 2022

Artist with a comic twist


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NORMAN GARDNER (1928 – 2017)

Norman Gardner was a New York-born artist with a career spanning more than seven decades during which he produced hundreds of works of art with a wide range of media and written art forms.  The Gardner family is very sad to announce that Norman passed away on October 28th, 2017, at the age of 89 in Boca Raton, Florida, his home for the past twenty years.

Norman Gardner, whose artistic talent was recognized and honored as young as five years old, loved art of all kinds and devoted his entire career to the creative process. With a body of work numbering in the hundreds, Gardner succeeded in bringing beauty, sensuality, humanity and, at times, sardonic humor and social commentary to life with his creations.


We, his children, endeavor to showcase his entire body of work on these pages. Unfortunately, we recognize that there are many pieces, especially older ones produced well before his first marriage, that we have no knowledge or photographs of.  Additionally, we believe that there were many early wood carvings, as well as later sculptural pieces that were sold by the artist directly or the the fifty or so galleries that featured his work over the years, for which we have no records of either.  Therfore, please consider these pages as being just a sampling of what Norman Gardner has actually produced over the years.


Gardner did sketches with pencil and charcoal, painted with oils and acrylics on both stretched canvass and particle board, created multi-media collages, worked with clay, wood, epoxy, cardboard, leather, wool, as well as a range of metals for his sculptures and jewelry designs.  He loved photography and developed his own photos prior to the availability of digital photography. He crafted a number of unique ornamental mosaics and designed novel forms of furniture.  He also loved to write, always weaving in his uniquely quirky sense of humor, wrote many letters, poems, "Grandpa Grams," and several small books which he self-published.  Norman Gardner was the embodiment of an artistic "Renaissance Man," constantly probing, exploring, learning new skills, tackling new technologies, applying his own vision and accepting no boundaries or constraints to his creative outflows.  We endeavor to showcase photos of all of his life's artwork, and hope you find inspiration in his massive achievement, as we have.