OCTOBER 28, 2017:  Obituary: Norman Gardner, Artist and Humorist, dies at age 89.

Norman Scott Gardner, a life-long artist and humorist, died Saturday in Boca Raton at the age of 89, from complications from Alzheimers disease, according to members of his immediate family. (Continue reading here . . . )




FEBRUARY 14, 2013:  A Visit to Celebration.

Sculptor Norman Scott Gardner returns to the site of Celebration at the Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School to see how his monumental piece of art work is doing.  He was pleased to find that things looked great and the landscaping was growing beautifully.  (Continue reading here . . . )




APRIL, 2010:  Grandparents Visit with Young Mila.

Norman and Katy Gardner return to California from Florida to spend time with granddaughters Amelia, Sarah and Mila, the youngest of their grandchildren. Mila comes to visit her cousins in Atherton and succeeds in enrapturing everyone, especially her grandparents.   ( Watch the video of this visit here . . . )




APRIL, 2007:  Berries with Grandbabies.

Sculptor and treehouse designer extraordinaire, Norman Gardner, returns to the scene of the crime in northern California over Passover 2007 to enjoy watching his grandchildren play in the treehouse that he completed in early 2006. Also to share a delicious berry snack with them, as all children have inherited Grandpa's love of berries.   (Read more here . . . )




MAY, 2006:  Celebrating the Unveiling of "Celebration.

Norman Gardner oversees the final installation of his monumental sculpture "Celebration" in time for its unveiling on Grandparents Day in May of 2006.  He is presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by Marlene Sturm and Gerry Elgarten and feted with a reception in his honor for the school following the ceremony.   (Read more about this ceremony here . . . )